The Best Recipe-Cook's Illustrated

Scott, Martha Ann, Anna and Mary送我的2012新年禮物, 決定好好讀這本書, 順道記錄我試過的食譜 


The Best Recipe

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Have you ever wondered why a recipe tells you to scald milk or to use cocoa instead of baking chocolate? So have we. As Cook's Illustrated readers know, we take nothing for granted, testing variations on a recipe 10, 20, 30, up to 80 times to test baking temperatures, mixing methods, ingredient choices, and cooking techniques. The result? Our 700 favorite recipes, taken from the pages of Cook's Illustrated from 1993 through 1999. The recipes annotated with information on the science of cooking, cookware buying recommendations, suggestions on which food products are best plus over 200 illustrations demonstrating the best methods for making pie dough or boning chicken. Now you can have all of your favorite Cook's recipes in one handy volume, indexed for quick reference.

In The Best Recipe, we invite you into our test kitchen where you will discover how to make a foolproof yellow cake, a perfectly cooked prime rib roast, and homemade bread in under two hours. The Best Recipe not only contains the best recipes for your favorite home-cooked foods, it also explains how and why recipes work so that you will become a better cook.


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